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by Brooke, 30/Sep/00

There are many communities throughout Active Worlds, but only a few have survived the test of time to grow into great cities. What makes a community flourish and stay alive is the people who make it. It takes a leader who has the knowledge and ideas to plant the seed and many dedicated builders to make it grow. One community that has grown in such a way is CyberVilla in Alpha World.

CyberVilla, which is located in Alpha World (7021s 7069w), is listed in the Community Register as a family community. It has everything a real-life city would have and more. There are more than 50 talented builders who have built in CyberVilla in the past 3 years.  Two of my favorites builds are CyberVilla's courthouse by Cyberwitch and Valley Peach's Mission, but there are many more buildings that visitors can enjoy.

I recently had the opportunity to interview the founder and mayor of CyberVilla - Cyberwitch. My first question to her was how was CyberVilla started. When she first came to AW she began to build in America and found that she really enjoyed building but she couldn't build a town there because of the two lot limit. So she came to Alpha and began the building of CyberVilla. Most of the first builders were people she had known from another program who were interested in AW. When I asked Cyberwitch what about CyberVilla she was most proud of; she told me that she was most proud of the builders of CyberVilla. Two of which she would like to give special thanks to: Ominous and WingsOnite.

If you are currently looking for a town to call home, CyberVilla is accepting new builders. Telegram Cyberwitch if you are interested. To find out more about Cybervilla you can visit their newspaper, The Gazzette, at

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