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Virtual Democracy: League of Infernius
by The Avatar, 11/Dec/00

If you're like me you've been a member of many of  AW's community (for some period of time), and probably have wanted more of a say in things. Well the League of Infernius (or LOI) offers you that chance, as they have a concept (most belive foreign to AW) called Democracy. From a realistic Legislature to the Executive office (both of which the LOI citizens votes help elect) the LOI hasn't missed a thing (excluding the low voter turnout common in real Democracies). The voting population elects officials for the major
offices (Legslative, Judicial and of course Executive) who make the decisions for the entire LOI community. 

For example you elect members of the Legslative branch who go to the LOI's Congress and cast votes on the LOI policy. The motion passes and goes to the Executive (thats President)  who Passes or Vetos the bill. If he passes it there is a new policy for you
to follow it, in the case of a Veto the bill goes back down to Congress where they can accept defeat or attempt to overide the veto. (Sound Familliar?). Disagree with a decision made by the current officers? Well next time cast your vote for someone you thinjk will do a better job, or you could always run yoursellf and see if the people will elect you.

The most amazing part of the LOI is it's realistic Legal system. In which those ejected from the world (or those otherwise wronged by the system), can appeal the decision, in front of a Judge and 3 person Jury (you can even get a lawyer). This creats an unusual (for AW anyway) system in which, if you or another member of the LOI feels he has been unfairly treated he or she has a chance to seek justice. Also the High court provides that extra check to insure that perspectivley unfair laws don't get passed into the system. This creates a highly realistic virtual society.

So if your looking for something new to try, the League of Infernius can be just the ticket.  A virtual society for the virtual people, by the virtual people and... well i don't remeber the rest of the quote i'm ripping off but you get the "virtual" point. Spreading the world LOI and hundreds upon hundreds of coords in Alpha World, this gigantic nation could be quite the experience. You won't be dissapointed if you stop by say hi and give it a try.

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