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Amazons - Celtic world for Women and Rabbits
by Bille, 01/July/01

Amazons is a world by, for and about women, set in a world of Celtic Amazons. Being a male myself, I felt a bit veired to visit Amazons knowing that it's intended for women, although "Brothers" and male visitors are welcome, too. But, as I explored this world, it became clearer and clearer to me; I would have felt a lot worse if I by accident entered the world on an official Hunt Day! I'll tell you more about that later in this article:)

[Draquelle]: Welcome to Amazons, a safe haven for all women. A place of safety for abused slaves. Many jobs remain open and wait to be filled. See signs with vacancies in the building next to the visitor center that is North of GZ.

Basically the 100x100 large world is focusing on the celtic Amazons theme. Builders (Sisters and Brothers) are expected to remain true to this theme, no modern facilities are welcomed. The world was assumingly opened back in June 1996, meaning it should be one of the oldest worlds in the AW universe. Amazons is a proud member of WOW, the AW organization for Women Owning Worlds. Today it's owned and operated by BrightStarlite who is the Queen Mother, and Julie a. v. (Herold), but none of them were online the day I decided to pay them a visit. But this was my lucky day, one of the kind female users, Atl Sashean, was there to guide me to some of their sights. 

Not far from GZ there is the Visitors' Center with some information for new guests. It's hard to find the Center though, because you can't see it from GZ, but if you fly over to the first sign packed area that you can see from GZ, you will find a sign to click. And, notice all the colourful rabbits - from a distance I thought it was a flower decoration, hehe. 

It turned out to be lots of rabbits, and other animals as well, in Amazons. Look for the golden rabbit resting between the two doors at the Visitors Center! It's waiting for you to spin it... Also make sure to click the doors, they open beautifully:) One of the features you will find at the Visitors Center is the web newsletter that is updated on a monthly basis. 

Atl Sashean, my guide, has been a user of Amazons since April 2001, meaning she didn't know Amazons' oldest history, but she is often hanging out there, and has also built a tiny cats house, which she is quite proud of. And it's a cosy house, with a welcoming facade modelled after a cat's face. "I love cats", she confessed. "Meeeeooowww!".

The Amazons world has several unique objects (at least they look new to me), and avatars as well. You can choose from anything from innocent fairies, to a little more determined cat women. Atl assumed that BrightSyat did create most of the world's avatars. Amazons is open to builders, but they need to be a Sister or Brother before they start building. My guide knew of about 20 regular users of the world.

She then took me to see other builds; Caddy's Tower and gallery, Iron Wolfe Castle, and finally the cool Kidagakash Embassy. In this building you will find a lot of Ambassador desks, and there's also a desk for Atl's Mars location. She explained that the Sisters and Brothers can have a desk there in the Embassy.

On my visit, I also met Aveline, who explained why the world is X-rated: "We are pretty free with our language at times", she said. I understood they just don't want to watch their words - so they ask the age of anyone who enters the world. Amazons is a world where adults hang out and talk, normally nothing a kid shouldn't hear, but due to the rating the regular users are much more free to be the adults they are. And adult women seems to have a spooky side, too:

While exploring parts of the Amazons together with my local guide, Atl Sashean, I was constantly wondering about the world's official Hunt Day. A sign at the Visitors' Center told me that on such a Hunt Day, anywhere outside of GZ (10x10) is a Capture Zone for males who are not Brothers of Amazons! Captured males would serve for 3 days and nights! I had to ask Atl what happened to the poor guys that were captured? "They are put in a cage, but I have participated on a Hunt Day only once", she explained. And I did recall observing a red cage at the info section pretty close to GZ - and for some reason I did not intend walking back there...:)

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