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Liaisons - Wanna go to a great party?
by The Avatar, 01/September/01

There is always fun to be had in AW, and no world better illustrates, or accommodates that thought then Liaisons. Liaisons is a world that caters to the party needs of it's visitors. Offering great custom-ability to it's visitors, Liaisons promises to help you make a great party. With Chapels, Patios, and the Tunnel of Love, Liaisons got it all.

The incredibly friendly staff of Liaisons gets in touch with it's visitors, to discuss the needed backgrounds, structures, times and other details of the event. The Liaisons of Liaisons will do almost everything, but bring the hot dog buns. You can set the mood for your day with the perfect background and music for the party, as long as the staff can do it, they will try their best to do so.

Are you interested in marrying that special virtual someone? Liaisons open air, chapel, or the indoor one may be perfect for you. Keep your weddings private and at the same time keep them respectable with the supervision provided to you for such an occasion. Ensure that your event is one you will want to remember.

The beautifully serene environment of Liaisons is perfect for a Fourth of July Picnic (or Labor day picnic, or any other picnic you want). If you care more for the night club setting, there are party halls to celebrate an event in, or to celebrate a reception in, if the event so calls for it.

Care to go on your first date online, why not walk by a romantic river, or eat in a picnic patio. Or maybe enjoy the sites of the Tunnel of Love. You can do all that and more in Liaisons on an average day. Perhaps your just in the mood to go the previously mentioned river, and follow it down to the pond and feed the ducks (duck feed not included) this is just another great option of Liaisons, with it's beautifully crafted landscape.

Whether it just be a small get together, or a massive rave, Liaisons has all the options you need to make it a great event. With music, environment, and custom ability it offers to provide for any event. Liaisons will go out of it's way to give you a day to remember.

For Information on setting up an event telegram Kellee or email

...or simply go to the world Liaisons

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