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Horizon - le club francophone
by The Avatar, 01/December/01

Home of mountain peaks, plains, and the club Francophone, Horizon is a unique member of AW's French community. The picturesque mountain range serves as a fine site for those who make this world their home.

Horizon offers a comfortable, and aesthetically pleasing environment in which to meet and talk. Tough it offers it's services primarily in French, it is an exciting and lively place even for those not skilled in the proper tongue. With the club Francophone offering up a lively tune, you will find your self at ease within the worlds forbidding mountainous perimeter.

In addition to great looks, this world also offers information on other great multicultural worlds. From within any of the worlds many information centers, you can access information on German worlds, Mundo Hispano, Italian worlds, and a host of other great options, each hosting their own unique themes and building styles.

Horizon offers a unique and pleasing surrounding, from which you can learn more about other AW Virtual cultures, and enjoy yourself through it all. In this little piece of Switzerland, fun is just over the Horizon.

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