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This web register will no longer be updated... Visit AWCC world for news on ComReg and other organisations in AW Community. More
Wanna refresh old memories? Check out our collection of articles written by ComReg Agents and others.
Keep track on your favorite community's upcoming anniversary! Don't miss the celebrations, and do send them a greeting:).
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Welcome to AW Community Register, listing worlds, towns and societies in Active Worlds. Now your history book!

AW Community Register (ComReg) presents  communities within the 3D universe of Active Worlds - do pay them all a visit! The register is no longer updated, so expiration was reset for all, and you can search the sections to find both recent and older communities and contacts.

Bille and the other ComReg agents like to thank you all for adding to ComReg in the past, by register your community or visiting others, or even participating to some of the many ComReg hosted events of the past.

Web submitions from this site will no longer be handled. We currently don't take BOOTH orders for AWCC world, but this might change in the future. Ask around :-) More booth info

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