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Anniversary Scavenger Hunt

Ongoing August 17th - 24th

The winners

This week, the Activeworlds Community Register turns three years old!  To celebrate, we are throwing a birthday party. Celebrations will begin the 17th of August (Friday) @ 11:59pm (23:59) VRT. The event will include speeches about AWComreg, Music, and a Scavenger Hunt (for prizes.)

The Scavenger Hunt will begin with a list of around 30 clues about different communities. A link to the list will be provided to everyone who attends the event, and will also be posted on this page once the event has started. Everyone who wishes to participate will have till 11:59pm (23:59) VRT on the following Friday (24th) to finish the hunt. All you have to do is match the clues provided, with the corresponding community in the Booths Area. All the answers can easily be obtained by visiting and reading about each community in the Booths Area (no two clues will refer to the same community.)  Then, send in your list of answers, (numbered the same as the clues they match) in .txt format  to Whoever matches the most clues with the correct community wins. In the event of a tie, whoever sent their answers in first will win.

Click here to see the 30 clues of Scavenger Hunt

Prizes for the Scavenger Hunt are:

  • First Place: Coryashire

  • 1 Year Citizenship, or extension
  • Second Place: Alpengeist

  • 1 Year Citizenship, or extension
  • Third Place: AW Explorer

  • Your favourite location advertised on Adz@GZ Network for one week
    If you have any questions/comments, please contact phalaphe.

    Click here to see the 30 clues of Scavenger Hunt

    2 x Citizenship sponsored by AWCI

    3rd Anniversary!
    Friday, Aug 17th, 2001
    11:59PM (23:59) VRT
    AWCC, ComReg's glass pyramid (south/east of GZ)
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