About Festival 2003

Over the past eight years the Activeworlds Community has grown and become something extremely unique. We are a Community comprised of citizens and tourist of all ages, races, ethnic backgrounds, building abilities, lifestyles and more. It is this very uniqueness that makes Activeworlds the wonderful place it is today. That is why we choose "Diversity" for our theme. The idea was submitted by Berdasha. In her email she so eloquently explained why she chose this theme.

"AW has changed a lot in the almost year and a half I've been here, and I can only imagine how much it has changed from its beginnings. The theme I chose suggests not only diversity in the citizens of AW: age ranges from 5 yr olds to grandparents; women and men, varied and rich lifestyles, and ethnicities from across the world's spectrum - but also the diversity in what has been created here since AW first opened.

The scope of building, community efforts and events has truly grown into something wonderful and amazing - from the grassroots of individual builds, to towns and cities, citizen's 3D pages and worlds, and into the blossoming of official AW worlds, services and application that has grown to encompass all of this - and allow us to share our own unique vision of who we are."

We could not have stated it any better.

In honor of this Diversity, AW Inc has enabled tourism in Alpha World for the duration of Festival We would like to thank them for this very kind gesture.


-The Team at AWEC


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