A Letter from Sakamoto

I was a beta tester in AlphaWorld back in...eh, 1995....I hung out with Dataman and Laura, some people I saw on your members list. I was sitting at a coffee shop with some friends of mine today and we were talking about the old days of the internet, and I remembered AlphaWorld. I started to tell them about it, and about all the fun I had had there...so later when I went home I decided to download the AW browser and see what the place looked like....

Much change since I was a part of it. I managed to find my way from the Gateway to the original AlphaWorld, and then I started looking for my creations. Of course I couldn't remember the coordinates for anything, since they had been lost in the several times I have moved since I was last in AlphaWorld. With a little help from an experienced citizen and a few minutes looking through the AW map at vevo.com, I located my homestead and then my palace...

The only reason they are still standing is because the AWHS has preserved them. I want to thank you for that, I am honored that you thought my creations were elegant enough to be preserved in the virtual reality of AW.

-Ryoma Sakamoto

AW number 326(I think....that's what was listed on the objects at my buildings)

Sites Preserved by the AWHS:

Sakamoto Estates - 26s 30w, facing South, alt 0 Legacy Palace - 73s 30w, facing South, alt 178 meters

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