You Are Invited!

There are so many reasons why one should consider becoming part of an organization he or she believes in. I hope all reading this will consider being a part of AWHS.

•         ALL are welcomed to come share their thoughts and ideas on what they would like to see us accomplish.

•         Anyone interested in Joining the Society may do so at anytime. All it takes is a T Gram to DMC2U to be added to the Members Page. 

•         We are still looking for Volunteers to take on leadership roles within the AWHS.

•         Monthly Events will include things like a search for every AW browser splash screen, a complete Versions history, a chronology of avatars through the years, documentation of memorable worlds (both AWI and citizen-owned, past and present), or the collection of items for a timeline of AW history.

•         Hold events aimed at bringing our community together for fun times, because history can be fun.