AW Objects

This text is designed to be printed out, using a minimal amount of paper,for quick reference or used as a copy/paste help sheet for when a student asks "Is there a bigger panel in the grey stone?" Just paste 'em all the objects in that texture :o)

WATER(create animate me watf1. 1 1 0)(c.a.m. water 1 1 0)
water2s 4s & 8s water2tr 4tr & 8tr water8tl waterf1 waterf2 wat01h pp30 pp30m pp30l pd30 pw30 parch30 p45s30 wall030 wall030h wall030l wallh30l wallh30 roof30 roof30m roofer30 roofel30 roofhr30 roofhl30 roofhc30 roofc30 roofc30h roof30h roof30mh pp30_h pp30m_h pp30l_h wallh30 floor30h wallh30l wfalls1 wfalls2 wfalls2l wallh33l wallh33 wat01h wall033h wat5at00
POLES COLUMNS (c.a.m. colum. 1 1 0)
pole1m pole1m02 pole1m03 pole1m04 pole2m pole2m02 pole2m03 pole2m04 pole4m pole4m02 pole4m03 pole4m04 colm4m02 colm8m02 col10m02 col8m024 col4m024 colm4m01 colm8m01 col10m50 col8m050 col4m050
cyl1a. cyl1a1. cyl1b. cyl1b1. cyl2a. cyl2a1. cyl2b. cyl2b1. cyl4a. cyl4a1. cyl4b. cyl4b1. cyl8a. cyl8a1. cyl8b. cyl8b1.
flower1(c.a.m. flo1. 1 1 0) flower2(c.a.m. flo2. 1 1 0) flower3(c.a.m. flo3. 1 1 0) flower4(c.a.m. flo4. 1 1 0) flower5(c.a.m. flo5. 1 1 0) flower6(c.a.m. flo6. 1 1 0) flower7(c.a.m. flo7. 1 1 0) flower8(c.a.m. flo8. 1 1 0) flower9(c.a.m. flo9. 1 1 0 flow11(c.a.m. flow11. 1 1 0) flow12(c.a.m. flow12. 1 1 0) flow13(c.a.m. flow13. 1 1 0) flow14(c.a.m. lrflow 1 1 0) flow15(c.a.m. cflow 1 1 0) flow16(c.a.m. catail 1 1 0) flow17(c.a.m. lily 1 1 0) flow18(c.a.m. lily2. 1 1 0) flow19(c.a.m. lily3.1 1 0) shrub01(c.a.m. shrub04. 1 1 0) shrub02(c.a.m. shrub02. 1 1 0) shrub03(c.a.m. shrub03. 1 1 0) shrub11(c.a.m. tree12. 1 1 0 shrub12 tree01(c.a.m. tree 1 1 0) tree02 tree03 cactus01 cactus02 cactus03 tree1m(c.a.m. tree1. 1 1 0) tree2s(c.a.m. tree2. 1 1 0) tree3m(c.a.m. tree3. 1 1 0) tree4m(c.a.m. tree4. 1 1 0) tree5m(c.a.m. tree5. 1 1 0) tree6m(c.a.m. tree6. 1 1 0 tree7m(c.a.m. tree7. 1 1 0 tree8m(c.a.m. tree8. 1 1 0 tree9m(c.a.m. tree9. 1 1 0) tree10m(c.a.m. tree10m. 1 1 0) tree11m(c.a.m. tree11m. 1 1 0)
flame1.(c.a.m. flame 1 1 0) torch1.(c.a.m. torch 1 1 0) chessb1. sign1. sign2. sign3. stlmpt00.(c.a.m. stlamp3. 1 1 0) stlamp1. stlamp2. sawhorse.(c.a.m. conssign. 1 1 0) umbra01. firehy1. manhole1.(c.a.m. manho. 1 1 0) toilet. mailbox1. trash1. trash2. trash3. trash4. statue1.(c.a.m. stat 1 1 0 c.a.m. base. 1 1 0) statue2.(c.a.m. rider. 1 1 0) drink01.(c.a.m. latte. 1 1 0) drink02.(c.a.m. beer. 1 1 0) snack01.(c.a.m. chips. 1 1 0) frame1x1.(c.a.m. zcompas2. 1 1 0) button.(c.a.m. bubbles. 1 1 0) button_b. button_g. button_p. button_r.(c.a.m. buttons. 1 1 0)button_2. street1. street2. street3. pot1. pot3. pot6. vase3. midispk.(c.a.m.speak1. 1 1 0) wavspk. (c.a.m. speak2. 1 1 0)balloo1. flag1. drinkf1.
pict1. pict2. pict3. pict4. pict5. pict6. pictwlkh. doorpic1. doorpic2.
STARRY GLASS ( takes picture command)
p45s00h p45s00 pp00 floor00h floor00 pp00_h walk000 walk000h
hill01. hill02. hill03. hill04. hill05. hill1t01. hill2t01. hill3t01. hill4t01. hill5t01. 
boardh1m. boardh2m. boardh4m. boardv1m. boardv2m. boardv4m.
stair01 stair01c stair01m stair01l stair02 stair02c stair02m stair02l roof43 roof42 roof41
tv1(c.a.m. tv. 1 1 0) tv1t00 tv2t00 tv2bs tv3bs tvstnd char3t00 char4t00 tblct00 tblet00 chair02 couch02 couhat01 charat01 couh2t00 char2t00 table1 table02 tbldt00 dreser01(c.a.m. furn3. 1 1 0) desk01 stool01 stool02 pibnt00 pianot00(c.a.m. piano. 1 1 0) gfc01(c.a.m. clock. 1 1 0) lamp01 comp1(c.a.m. mon. 1 1 0 c.a.m. keyb. 1 1 10) news1(c.a.m. newstop. 1 1 (c.a.m. newsbot. 1 1 0) tport(c.a.m. flare 1 1 0) booth(c.a.m. booth 1 1 0) bed01(c.a.m. fabric0 1 1 0) unit01 unit02 unit03 unit04
kingb queenb bishopb rookb knightb pawnb kingw queenw bishopw rookw knightw pawnw
fence1 fence2 rail1(c.a.m. rail 1 1 0) rail2(c.a.m. rail2. 1 1 0) rail1t00 rail2t00 awn31 awn32 awn33 awn34 awn41 awn42 awn43 awn44 awnt00
animate2 animate4 animate8 anmate10 anim3x6 anim4x2 anim5x2 anim8x2 anim10x2 animfcr animfcr2 animfcr3 animfcr4
STONE 1( c. a. m. stone 1 1 0)
pp01 pp01m pp01l pd01 pw01 parch01 arch01 arch01l arch01m p45s01 floor46 floor36 walk001 walk001 wall001h wall001l pan2101 pan2201 pan2301 roof2101 roof2102 pp01_h pp01m_h pp01l_h wallh01 floor01h wallh01l p45s01h  wk01 wk01_h wk01f wk01h wk01w wk01w_h wk01x wk01x_h wk01y wk01y_h wk01z wk01z_h wl01 wl01_h wl01e wl01e_h wl01eh wl01em wl01f wl01g wl01h wl01m wl01z wl01z_h
STONE 2(c.a.m. stone2. 1 1 0)
pp02 pp02m pp02l pd02 pw02 parch02 arch02 arch02m arch02l p45s02 floor42 floor32 walk002 walk002h wall002 wall002h wall002 wall18 wall28 pp02_h pp02m_h pp02l_h wallh02 floor02h wallh02l p45s02h statue2
STONE 3(c.a.m. stone3. 1 1 0)
pp03 pp03m pp03l pd03 pw03 parch03 arch03 arch03m arch03l p45s03 floor03 walk003 walk003h wall003 wall003h wall003l stair05 stair05m stair05l wall2 wall12 wall22 wallh03 floor03h wallh03l pp03_h pp03m_h pp03l_h p45s03h
STONE 4(c.a.m. stone4. 1 1 0)
pp04 pp04m pp04l pd04 pw04 parch04 arch04 arch04m arch04l p45s04 floor37 floor47 walk004 walk004h wall004 wall004h wall004l roof04 roof04m roofer04 roofel04 roofhl04 roofhr04 colm04m02 colm08m02 col10m02 pan3104 pan3204 pan3304 roof04mh roof04h roofc04h roofc04 roofc04 pp04_h pp04m_h pp04l_h wallh04 floor04h wallh04l p45s04h
STONE 5(c.a.m. stone5. 1 1 0)
pp05 pp05m pp05l pd05 pw05 parch05 arch05 arch05m arch05l p45s05 floor05 walk005 walk005h wall005 wall005h wall005l hill05 hill5t01 wall3 wall13 roof4504 rf4504hl rf4504hr roofhc05 roofc05 roofc05h roof05h roof05mh pp05_h pp05m_h pp05l_h wallh05 floor05h wallh05l p45s05h
STONE 6(c.a.m. stone6. 1 1 0)
pp06 pp06m pp06l pd06 pw06 parch06 arch06 arch06m arch06l p45s06 floor06 floor06h walk006 walk006h wall006 wall006h wall006l pan1106 pan1206 pan1306 pan1406 pan2105 pan2205 pan2305 p1106x2 p1306x2 pan3101 pan3301 pan3201 roof3101 roof2705 roof2605 roof4505 rf4505hl roof4505hr walk4 wallh06 floor06h wallh06l pp06_h pp06m_h p45s06h pp06l_h
STONE 7(c.a.m. stone7. 1 1 0)
pp07 pp07m pp07l pd07 pw07 parch07 p45s07 arch07 arch07m arch07l floor07 walk007 walk007h wall007 wall007h wall007l
bridge wallh07 floor07h wallh07l pp07_h pp07m_h pp07l_h p1104x2 pan1204 pan1304 pan1408 p45s07h p1304x2
STONE 8 ( c.a.m. stone8. 1 1 0)
pp08 pp08m pp08l pd08 pw08 parch08 arch08 arch08m arch08l p45s08 floor38 floor48 walk008 walk008h wall008 wall008h wall008l stair03 stair03m stair03l pan2102 pan2202 pan2302 roof08 roof08m roofer08 roofel08 roofhl08 roofhr08 roofhc08 roofc08 roofc08h roof08h roof08mh wallh08 floor08h wallh08l pp08_h pp08m_h pp08l_h p45s08h
STONE 9 (c.a.m.stone9. 1 1 0)
pp09 pp09m pp09l pd09 pw09 parch09 arch09 arch09m arch09l p45s09 floor09 walk009 walk009h wall009 wall009h wall009l wallh09 floor09h wallh09l pp09_h pp09m_h pp09l_h p45s09h
STONE 10 ( c.a.m. stone10. 1 1 0 )
pp10 pp10m pp10l pd10 pw10 parch10 arch10 arch10m arch10l p45s10 floor10 walk010 walk010h wall010 wall010h wall010l hill04 hill4t01 roof2702 roof2602 roof10 roof10m roofer10 roofel10 roofhl10 roofhr10 roofhc10 roofc10 roofc10h roof10h roof10mh pp10_h pp10m_h pp10l_h wallh10 floor10h wallh10l p45s10h
STONE 11(c.a.m. stone11. 1 1 0)
pp11 pp11m pp11l pd11 pw11 parch11 arch11 arch11m arch11l p45s11 floor11 walk011 walk011h wall011 wall011h wall011l wallh11 floor11h wallh11l pp11_h pp11m_h pp11l_h p45s11h
STONE 12 (c.a.m. stone12. 1 1 0)
pp12 pp12m pp12l pd12 pw12 parch12 arch12 arch12m arch12l p45s12 floor12 walk012 walk012h wall012 wall012h wall012l pan2104 pan2204 pan2304 roof2604 roof2704 pp12_h pp12m_h pp12l_h wallh12 wallh12l p45s12h
STONE 13 (c.a.m. stone13. 1 1 0)
pp13 pp13m pp13l pd13 pw13 parch13 arch13 arch13m arch13l p45s13 floor13 walk013 walk013h wall013 wall013h wall013l pp13_h pp13m_h pp13l_h wallh13 floor13h wallh13l p45s13h
BRICK (c.a.m. brick 1 1 0)
pp14 pp14m pp14l pd14 pw14 parch14 arch14 arch24 arch14m arch14l p45s14 floor14 walk014 walk014h wall014 wall014h wall014l wall5 p1101x2 1301x2 pan1101 pan1201 pan3102 pan3202 pan3302 pp14_h pp14m_h pp14l_h wallh14 floor14h wallh14l p45s14h
STONE 14 (c.a.m. stone14. 1 1 0)
pan1103 pan1203 pan1303 p1303x2 p1103x2
STONE 15 (c.a.m. stone15. 1 1 0) (no objects)
STONE 21 (c.a.m. stone21. 1 1 0)
wallh49 wallh49l wall049 wall049l wall049h p45s49h
STONE rosa1. (c.a.m. rosa1. 1 1 0)
walk050h walk050 floor50 floor50h col10m50 col8m050 col4m050 wallh50 wallh50l wall050 wall050l wall050h pp50 pp50l pp50m pp50_h pp50m_h pp50l_h p45s50h
TILE 1 ( c.a.m. tile1. 1 1 0)(red and blue)
pp15 pp15m pp15l pd15 pw15 parch15 p45s15 floor15 walk015 walk015h wall015 wall015h wall015l wall7 wall17 wall27 pp15_h pp15m_h pp15l_h wallh15 floor15h wallh15l p45s15h
TILE 2 ( c.a.m. tile2. 1 1 0)(black and white)
pp31 pp31m pp31l pd31 pw31 parch31 p45s31 pp31_h pp31m_h pp31l_h wallh31 wallh31l floor31 walk031 walk031h wall031 wall031h wall031l wall1 wall11 wall21 floor31h floor31n p45s15h
TILE 3 (c.a.m. tile3. 1 1 0)(red)
pp32 pp32m pp32l pd32 pw32 parch32 p45s32 walk032 walk032h wall032 wall032h wall032l rf4506hr rf4506hl roof32 roof32m roofer32 roofel32 roofhl32 roofhr32 roofhc32 roofc32 roof32h roofc32h roof32mh pp32_h pp32m_h pp32l_h wallh32l wallh32 p45s32h
TILE 4 ( c.a.m. tile4. 1 1 0 )(black and blue)
pp18_h pp18m_h pp18l_h wallh18 floor18h wallh18l pp18 pp18m pp18l pd18 pw18 parch18 p45s18 floor31 floor41 walk018 walk018h wall018 wall018h wall018l p45s18h
TILE 5 (c.a.m. tile5. 1 1 0) no objects, blue)
ROOF06 (c.a.m. roof06. 1 1 0)(red tile)
roof4508 rf4508hl rf4508hr
DIRT (c.a.m. dirt 1 1 0)
pp19 pp19m pp19l pd19 pw19 parch19 p45s19 floor19 walk019 walk019h wall019 wall019h wall019l hill01 hill1t01 pan2103 pan2203 pan2303 roof2603 roof2703 pp19_h pp19m_h pp19l_h wallh19 floor19h wallh19l p45s19h
WOOD 1 ( c.a.m. wood1. 1 1 0)
pp20 pp20m pp20l pd20 pw20 parch20 p45s20 fence1 floor20 walk020 walk020h wall020 wall020h wall020l pp20_h pp20m_h pp20l_h wallh20 floor20h wallh20l p45s20h
WOOD 2 (c.a.m. wood2. 1 1 0)
pp21 pp21m pp21l pd21 pw21 parch21 p45s21 fence2 floor21 walk021 walk021h wall021 wall021h wall021l pan3103 pan3203 pan3303 roof4501 roof4502 roof4503 roof3103 roof21 roof21m roofer21 roofel21 roofhl21 roofhr21 roofhc21 roofc21 roofc21h roof21h roof21mh pp21_h pp21m_h pp121l_h wallh21 floor21h wallh21l p45s21h
WOOD 3 ( c.a.m. wood3.1 1 0)
pp22 pp22m pp21l pd22 pw22 parch22 p45s22 floor33 floor43 walk022 walk022h wall022 wall022h wall022l pp2_h pp22m_h pp22l_h wallh22 floor22h wallh22l p45s22h
WOOD 4 ( c.a.m. wood4. 1 1 0)
pp23 pp23m pp23l pd23 pw23 parch23 p45s23 floor34 floor44 walk023 walk023h wall023 wall023h wall023l pp23_h pp23m_h pp23l_h wallh23 floor23h wallh23l p45s23h
WOOD 5 ( c.a.m. wood5. 1 1 0)
pp24 pp24m pp24l pd24 pw24 parch24 p45s24 floor24 walk024 walk024h wall024 wall024h wall024l pp24_h pp24m_h pp24l_h wallh24 floor24h wallh24l col8m124 col4m024 stair24p stair24h stair24l stair24m p45s24h
WOOD 6 ( c.a.m. wood6.)
roofhc35 roofc35 roofc35h roof30h roof35mh roof35 roof35m roofer35 roofel35 roofhl35 roofhr35
METAL 1 (c.a.m. metal 1 1 0)
pp25 pp25m pp25l pd25 pw25 parch25 p45s25 floor25 walk025 walk025h wall025 wall025h wall025l pp25_h pp25m_h pp25l_h wallh25 floor25h wallh25l p45s25h
METAL 2 (c.a.m. metal2. 1 1 0)
pp26 pp26m pp26l pd26 pw26 parch26 p45s26 floor26 walk026 walk026h wall026 wall026h wall026l roof4507 rf4507hl rf4507hl p45s26h pp26_h pp26m_h pp26l_h wallh26 floor26h wallh26l
METAL 3a (c.a.m. metal3a. 1 1 0) ( no objects)
GLASS(c.a.m. glass 1 1 0)
pp27 pp27m pp27l pd27 pw27 parch27 arch27 arch15m arch15l p45s27 walk027 walk027h wall027 wall027h wall027l pp27_h pp27m_h pp27l_h wallh27 floor27h wallh27l p45s27h
GRASS(c.a.m. grass 1 1 0)pp28 pp28m pp28l pd28 pw28 parch28 p45s28 walk6 walk06h walk028 walk028h wall028 wall028h wall028l hill02 hill2t01 floor28n pp28_h pp28m_h pp28l_h wallh28 floor28h wallh28l p45s28h
GRASSO (c.a.m.grasso. 1 1 0)
pp29 pp29m pp29l pd29 pw29 parch29 p45s29 walk029 walk029h wall029 wall029h wall029l pp29_h pp29m_h pp29l_h wallh29 floor29h wallh29l floor29n p45s29h
SNOW (c.a.m. snow 1 1 0)
snow1 hill03 hill3t01
pp16 pp16_h pp16l pp16l_h pp16lt pp16lt_h pp16m pp16m_h pp16mt pp16mt_h pp16n pp16n_h pp16s1 pp16s2 pp16s3 pp16t pp16t_h pp16w1 pp16w2 pp16w3
wl16 wl16_h wl16f wl16g wl16h wl16m wl16z wl16z_h
wk16 wk16_h wk16f wk16h wk16w wk16w_h wk16x wk16x_h wk16y wk16y_h wk16z wk16z_h walk26 walk26h walk26s1 walk26s2 walk26s3 walk26t walk26w1 walk26w2 walk26w3 roof07 roof07s roofel07 roofer07 roofhr07 roofhl07 roof07et roof07eb roof07h roof07sh roofc07h roofc07 roofhc07 roofh7eb roofh7et
ONE SIDED GLASS (bump panels)
pp17 pp17m pp17l pp17_h pp17m_h pp17l_h
ASTROTURF (c.a.m. astrotrf. 1 1 0)
walk12 walk12h floor12l flor12lh
STAINED GLASS (c.a.m. stain_g1. 1 1 0)
ppstn08 ppstn10
DOUBLE SIDED CEILNGS (c.a.m. sunray. 1 1 0)(c.a.m.ceil. 1 1 0)
cg04_1 cg04h_1 cg05_1 cg05h_1 cg22_1 cg22h_1 cg04_2 cg04h_2 cg05_2 cg05h_2 cg22_2 cg22h_2
landa.rwx landb.rwx landc.rwx landd.rwx lande.rwx landf.rwx landg.rwx
rock1.rwx rock2.rwx rock3.rwx rock4.rwx rock5.rwx rock6.rwx rock7.rwx rock8.rwx rock9.rwx rock10.rwx rock11.rwx rock12.rwx

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