Object Submission Form

You don't have to do any of these, but it would make adding objects a lot easier and get your object(s) listed quicker. Please add if you know how. 

Only RenderWare script (RWX) objects are accepted.
If you have an object in another format, try converting it.

Fill out one form for each object.

Try to "clean" the RWX.



Size (X x Y x Z; width by height by depth) To Nearest Hundredth (.##) Meter
(exclude preceeding/trailing zeroes)
RWXMod shows this in the open file preview window.
x x

State whether or not you're the original designer.
If not, and if you know, state where you got the object from and/or who originally designed it.

ZIP the RWX with the same name.
Include any texture(s)/mask(s) that are required.

URL-accessible submissions accepted and preferred.

Thumbnail image (~20K, JPG or GIF), (preferably showing top, side, and perspective views—Modeler can do this).
URL-accessible image(s) preferred as well (otherwise email it).

Email if under 500K.
(Don't forget to press "Submit" as well, even if you're emailing, so the info is also emailed separately.)

No confirmation page will appear after submission.

Thank you!