AWReunion Vegas Input
Are you planning on attending the AWReunion in Las Vegas June 28 - July 1?
still hoping to attend
If offered, which of the following seminars would you be interested in attending?
Truespace3: Objects and Avatars
Tech Talk with Roland
Community Meeting with ENZO
Bots 101: Do they really do dishes?
Community: ABCís of growing one
Building for Others: Commercial prospects
Bryce/Poser Graphic Art 101
Which of the following activities would you be interested in participating while in Las Vegas?
Star Trek the Adventure $21.99
Wet n Wild $11.95
Venetianís Theaters of Sensation $10
Luxor Attractions (IMAX) $22.95
Wax Museum $13.50
Stratosphere Big Shot and High Roller $14
Freemont Street Experience FREE
Hoover Dam Tour $34.99
Race for Atlantis $10.00
Circus Circus $18.95
Manhattan Express $8
Mirageís Secret Garden $10
Indoor Sky diving $40.00
Shopping FREE

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