Vegas Highlights

Courtesy of Coryashire

First time to Vegas? Been here before? Live here? In case you haven't figured it out, Las Vegas is a constantly changing place. Hotels are torn down, and new ones are built in their place. There is always going to be something new every time you visit this amazing destination. Here is a list of many other great spots to stop by on your stay during the reunion. So sit back and get planning.

The Fountains of Bellagio

Are you into water ballets? Well, there may not be ballerinas at this location, but this outside free attraction has sure been attracting the attention of a lot of tourists. The Fountains of Bellagio put on an amazing show of lights, dance, music, and the choreography skills of such greats as Kenny Ortega. Hear such classics as Singing in the Rain to one from the musical A Chorus Line. The fountain shows are as follows:

every 30 minutes switching to every 15 after dusk

every 30 minutes switching to every 15 after dusk

Treasure Island - Pirate Battle

Arrgh, Shiver me timbers! This next attraction will truly make you talk like a pirate. Every night a spectacular show of pyrotechnics and live actors put on a battle between the pirates and the British navy. You can really feel the heat from this one. If you are interested in attending, the key is to find out the exact times the shows will be going, get there early and put yourself where you are caught in the middle; almost on the bridge, heading into the hotel. Water Misters provided for your comfort. Shows generally happen as follows:

shows start at 4 pm and run every 90 minutes
shows stop at 10 pm except on Friday - Saturday where they go till 11:30pm

Mirage - Volcano

If you have been to Vegas before, you probably already have seen this attraction as it is a classic, the Mirage Volcano. Watch from the strip as this seemingly peaceful waterfall unleashes its hidden powers as it erupts, sending lava high into the air. *Please note the lava isn't real, otherwise this location would be evacuated and Vegas would probably have been destroyed by now* You watch as the pristine waters boil and catch fire as the volcano dose its job. But don't worry the volcano dies down, turning this place of torment into a haven of beauty. Eruptions are said to happen every 30 minutes after dark, but are known to happen randomly, as I witnessed the longest eruption of 35 minutes, which made the news that night. So you never know.


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