The Most Challenging Topics A Calculus Research Paper

Calculus on its own is said to be one of the most complicated topics. When you must write research papers, therefore, it can be quite complicated. Even though it seems like a daunting task ahead of you, the first thing that you must do is choose a topic. Here are some of the best topics for your paper on calculus.

Applied Topics

If you look online, research paper topics in this category have usefulness in everyday life. Applied topics are ideal when you want to solve an actual problem by connecting what you have learned in calculus with the real world.

  1. Model for Containing Forest Fires- The biggest threat in the case of forest fires is spreading. When the wind conditions are right and the forests are dry, hundreds of trees can be ablaze in just a few minutes. Is there a model that could contain these forest fires, either by constructing large walls that would obstruct the fire or leaving empty spaces in the forest? Describe a model that would work.
  2. Ideal Rate and Method for Gathering Natural Resources- Ideally, man should gather natural resources in a way that does not deplete the environment. Choose a local pond or lake where fish are commonly sourced. Create an equation using optimal control, the measure theory, and the elliptic PDE theory that reflects how much fish can be harvested without harming the environment. If you are not sure how to get started, look on, the best site for research papers for a little extra help.
  3. Leibniz vs. Newton- It was around the 1660s when the fundamental theories that would become the study of calculus were underway. In Germany, a man named Gottfried Wilhelm Leibniz studied calculus, while in England, Isaac Newton was studying. The work was similar and people who knew either of them thought one had stolen ideas from the other. Explore this early history and identify some key ways that the studies were different. Which ideas are more prominent in calculus that is taught today?
  4. A Brief Look Into the History of Calculus- Study up on the history of calculus and its development. Then, choose one of the most influential centuries and describe how the mathematicians of the time influence the teaching of calculus today.
  5. Women in Mathematics- As you read accounts and learn the history of calculus, one thing you may notice is that few women are mentioned. Women were not encouraged to learn math subjects in earlier times. Even today, there remains a gender divide in fields like math and science, which are male dominated. Choose to write research paper on one of these incredible women and their impact. Then, describe an area of math that either would not develop or would have taken longer to develop without female influence.
  6. Practical Application of Vector Spaces- Vector spaces are incredibly useful to understand, especially in the areas of analysis and functions. Outside of calculus, this information also ties into spheres of engineering and science. Explore and explain the connections between calculus and one of these areas of study, as well as practical uses for understanding vector spaces. If you find yourself unfamiliar with this topic, remember that you can easily buy college research papers for a perfect score.

It is okay if you choose a calculus topic for your paper that you are not experienced in. Research is all about learning and preventing your findings. Choose a unique topic and then start discovering what you need to. Remember, if you cannot quite finish the paper, writing help (or a site to buy research papers) is only a click away.

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