Specifics Of Research Paper Writing In College

As a middle and high school student, various teachers likely assigned you writing assignments to ‘get you ready for college’. It is true that these serve a place, since one day you will be teaching yourself new information to be at the top of your field. High school papers often require specific formatting and language. As you move into your college years, professors will become more demanding about each academic research paper you write. Here’s what you need to know.

General Specifications for Your Document

If you are writing a paper in APA-format, start by setting your margins for 1-inch on each side. Most writing styles also require you to double space all your paragraphs. You should use natural indents throughout your paper, to indicate new paragraphs.

The Title Page

You can see samples of a title page on an academic or research paper website.

The Set-Up

Most students know the basic set up for a paper, even those coming out of elementary school. Like a sequential story, papers have a beginning, middle, and end. The beginning is the introduction, while the end is the conclusion. All the paragraphs in the middle are called the body. They will make up the most content of your paper.

Another major part of your paper is the thesis statement. Typically, the thesis statement is placed at the end of the introduction paragraph. With each of the body paragraphs, you should be giving more evidence that supports the thesis. The thesis statement is also commonly repeated at the beginning of the concluding paragraph, to help tie all the ideas together.

As you are setting up all the various sections for your paper, be sure to give yourself a deadline for completing each part. This is essential if you do not want to be scrambling around to finish the assignment at the last minute. Also, it gives you the chance to find someone to write my research paper cheap if your schedule does not allow you to finish the paper.

Language and Writing Style

The ideal research paper writer avoids using words like ‘I’ or ‘you’ in their papers. These can be appropriate for personal essays, but should not be used when trying to prove a point. There are situations when an anecdote may be appropriate in the introduction, but aside from this there are few exceptions.

Aside from using the right language, your ideas should be presented in a concise way. They should flow nicely and all the information that has been included should make sense and tie into the thesis.

In-Text Citations

Including in-text citations in your paper is important. It provides credibility for your ideas and helps prove your point. Additionally, if readers want to learn more information, they can look up the resource and analyze it themselves. In most cases, the author name and year of publication are included in parentheses at the end of the fact you have included. When the author name is not available, the title may be used.


The good news is that you can easily find help writing references for your research paper online on https://mycustomessay.com/ blog. Citation generators tell you what information you need to include in an APA citation and can put it in the right order for you. As always, when using an automatic generator, you should check the work over yourself before accepting it as being accurate.

Bookmark this article and keep it handy. When you are ready to write my research paper, you will find all you need to know about APA-format. This will help you create the paper that your teacher wants to see, so that you earn the grade you deserve.

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