A Collection Of Outstanding Topic Ideas For A Research Paper

Sometimes, being assigned a paper where you choose the topic is more difficult than having your teacher tell you what to write about. This is because when you choose, the possibilities are endless. You also have to take care to properly broaden or narrow the topic so it fits within the writing assignment guidelines. Whether you are completing the research paper yourself or looking for someone to write your paper for money, here are some outstanding topic ideas to get you started.

Math Topics

  1. Math and Baking- Research the way that baking works and how adding different amounts of ingredients, when added at specific times, affect the baking process. If you need help, you can find research papers for sale on this or other topics.
  2. Mathematics and Theme Parks- Explore the way that factors like weights, speeds, measurements, and angles must be considered when creating a new attraction. Why are these tested so rigorously?
  3. The Physical Math of Sports- Describe how factors like motion and force play a role in sports. For example, how do they effect where the ball goes and how long it takes to get there?

Science Topics

  1. Natural Disaster Response- Whether you are looking for college research papers for sale or writing on your own, this topic explores why information is spread outside of the affected area when a natural disaster occurs and how the rest of the world responds.
  2. When is Human Cloning Acceptable?- Human cloning is very controversial. Why do you think some people are against it? In what circumstances do you think cloning is acceptable?
  3. Alternative Energy Sources and Their Viability- Some argue that solar, geothermal, and wind energy are not viable. Conduct research on how these have been applied in other countries and how viable it has been. Consider what other measures are put into place as back-up energy in these areas.

English Topics

  1. Standardized Testing vs. Local Area Testing- Do you think that Common Core Standards should be used across the United States? What are the advantages of keeping this system in place? What are the disadvantages of letting schools set curriculum standards based on the education levels in their area? How might this affect poverty-stricken communities?
  2. The Influence of Texting and Cell Phones on Writing- Do you think that newer ways of communication have affected how people communicate? What impact does this have on the ability of people to write communications.
  3. College Applications and Extra-Curricular Activities- You could easily buy college research paper on this topic. How much influence do extra-curricular activities have on an application. Do you think this is fair? Why or why not?

History Topics

  1. Social Acceptance or Prohibition Through Time- Choose something that public opinion shifts on, like legalization of alcohol or marijuana. You can buy research paper on this topic for extra help, if needed. Explore its history and what played a role in shifting opinions.
  2. The Olympics: Then and Now- Study the Olympian games of Ancient Greece. What similarities and differences exist in the Olympics then, vs. the Olympics now.
  3. Journalism, The Vietnam War, and U.S. Involvement- Consider the tactics used in the Vietnam War. What role did journalism play in the war efforts made by the United States?

Well, there you have it. This thorough list of topics in different subjects will help you, whether you need to choose a topic to write the assignment yourself or you need to choose a topic so you can purchase a research paper. Best of luck on your next paper.

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