What Are Research Paper Methods: Writing Hints

When writing a research paper, you will have to mention the methods that you used for establishing your work. This is to show that you had a plan for establishing a smart paper. This could also show people that what you are doing can be replicated if the right method is followed. Several hints may be used to help you establish a methodology section that is clear and easy to review.

  1. Explain the Resources
    The resources that you have in your method should be explained. You must talk about three key points:
    • The types of people that you got in touch with; you can always list details on how you chose your participants and if you had any specific rules
    • The equipment, materials or stimuli that you used to gather results
    • Any places that you were at when completing the study; try and list details on how environmental factors could have influenced the results
    All resources should be listed based on how they were gathered and what you planned on using. This is to show that you clearly understand how your project works and what you want to get out of it.
  2. List the Design
    The design of the research paper method will show how you organized the entire project. This includes a full review of how well data was to be gathered and how you could establish separate groups with their own unique results. Several points can be listed in this key part:
    • You can talk about individual groups that you might have utilized if you divided up all the people or other features in your work.
    • Information on control and variable groups should be listed. This relates to what happens when one group encounters a certain stimuli and the other group does not.
    • Any changes you had to make based on people leaving a project or the testing not working too well can be listed here if applicable.
  3. Explain Your Procedure
    The procedure should be explained based on everything that was done with the participants and other resources you had. This includes an analysis of how people responded to certain activities or how you use specific stimuli at particular points. Anything that could have influenced what happened in your research project should be listed here. Be sure to explain any changes that you made to the procedure as you went along.

Be careful when writing your methodology section in your research paper. Be certain that you work hard on your methodology so you can give people an idea of what you are doing within your paper. This can make a real difference as it shows people that you clearly understand whatever it is you are trying to do in your work.

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